The Kellermann Center is the first part of the renovated factory facilities of Pervomayskaya Zarya.
The main building was erected in 18811883 after a project of architect Alexey Malov.
Initially it hosted a girls workshop under the protection of Empress Maria Alexandrovna.
The sewing factory of women clothing Pervomayskaya Zarya was located in the building from 1926. 
In 2004 production facilities and warehouses of Pervomaiskaya Zarya were transferred to other areas, and reconstruction of the main building began.

When reconstructing there were added the 5th and 6th floors of the main building (mansard), premises were redesigned to be used as offices. There were saved historic facades and interior of the first floor and corridors, all new elements of setting were chosen in accordance with the common concept of the complex.

The reconstruction was finished in 2006 and business center opened its doors to the first tenants.

In 2009 the second reconstruction of the buildings took place, as a result there appeared a new modern building. Even though looking modern with facade glazing and concrete structures, it fits organically into the general picture of the buildings.

During the next years estate maintenance was carried out at the territory of the business center: several constructions of no historical, cultural or practical value were demolished (storage buildings constructed during soviet period, bomb-shelter), grassplots and flowerbeds in front of the main building of the complex were put in order.

In 2014 a fountain at the main building was restored and started working again. When restored the fountain was renewed in the form most closely resembling its historic view and now it is one of the oldest small-scale sculptures in the Admiralteyskiy District of Saint-Petersburg.





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