KELLERMANN CENTER is a modern high-rated office complex with total area of 27 041,8 sqm located in Admiralteyskiy District of Saint-Petersburg.

The business center has three office buildings:
- Building the 1st phase with total area of 18 506,9 sqm is a high-quality reconstruction of a historic building into a modern business center. The reconstruction of the building was finalized in the year 2006. The building has 6 floors, basement floor and mezzanine floor. There are premises with open-space, as well as with corridor-type arrangement.
- Building the 2nd phase with total area of 7 362,7 sqm is a 9-story building constructed in the year 2009. Most part of the office premises has open-space planning.
- Building B with total area of 835,5 sqm is a 4-story building.
- Building D with total area of 337,4 sqm is a 3-story building, completely reconstructed in the year 2006.

All the buildings of the business center are equipped with modern engineering systems and have effective space-planning solution. Russian and international majors are tenants of the object.

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